Schools and Groups


Group Bookings

Parties of 20 or more are eligible for a group discount if booked in advance.  Please contact us for more details and to book.

Ticket Groups of 20+
Adults (16+) £5.50
Children (3-15yrs)/Seniors (65+)/Registered Disabled / Carer

(you may be asked to produce proof of disability allowance)

Children under 3yrs FREE
Guided Tour (max. 25 per tour) £21.00


School Bookings

We offer a special rate for UK school groups booked in advance.*  Please contact us for more details and to book.

Primary School £2.00 per child
Secondary School £2.00 per child
Children under 3yrs FREE
Supervisory Staff FREE
Guided Tour (max. 25 per tour) £21.00
Brass Rubbing (max. 30 per session) £1.00 per child

*Unfortunately, we do not offer special rates for home educators.


Alive With History

Many schools visit Pembroke Castle each year. Without exception, all parties are delighted with the guided tours and pupil participation. Each tour is adapted to the needs of groups of varying ages and abilities.

The castle and its underground cavern, provide opportunities for pupils to search for primary sources of evidence, to help prove how the use of the site has changed since the Middle Stone Age.

There are tableaux depicting medieval life within Pembroke Castle including copies of costumes, furniture, tableware, wall hangings and other artefacts found locally. Displays interpreting the history of the site from other periods are also to be found amongst its many complete towers.

As the birthplace of Henry VII, Pembroke can be seen as a pivotal place in history. Henry was the founder of the Tudor dynasty, and the Crown of England has remained ever since in the line of his heirs.

Guided Tours

Our knowledgeable guides offer groups a chance to explore with them this once magnificent home to the Earls of Pembroke, through Mediaeval, Tudor and Cromwellian times to the present day.

The story is told through the actions of people who lived in the castle from earliest times. The young pupils themselves, prompted by the guides, and in various historical roles, relate many of the events that took place over 600 years.

Benefits for school parties

  • Special rates for School Parties (please contact us for details)
  • Education packs available upon request
  • Prebooked Guided tours available @ £21 per group of 25
  • All supervisory staff have free entrance.

Brass Rubbing

A visit to the new Brass Rubbing Centre may also be included as part of the visit. The charge for each rubbing is 80p per pupil. Please allow approximately 45 minutes per session, and up to twenty-four pupils in a group. These sessions are usually rotated with the investigating groups and lunch breaks. Using this facility makes a day's visit very worthwhile.

For further information about education packs, special rates for schools, or any group bookings please contact us.

We look forward to your visit!