Regular Visitor Activities


Always Entertaining

We believe that history should be fun and that castles are at their best when they are full fo activity.  This is why we try to fill the Easter, Whitsun and Summer school holiday time with some entertaining and hands on activities for families.  

Living History Days - On these days we welcome the superb re-enactment groups who set up camp and will demonstrate the food and crafts of medieval life.  There will often be a battle staged between knights and you can handle armour, weapons and ask our experts any questions you can think of.

Dragon Days - The Baby Dragons from the Welsh Marches visit us on these days.  You can stroke them, feed them and ask their handlers questions.  There will also be dragon fun and storytelling throughout the day and the climax is Dragon Parade that everybody can join in and enjoy.

Black Mountains Falconry Days - See and handle the magnificent falcons, owls, buzzards and hawks that are brought to Pembroke Castle by Roger and June who have been entertaining our visitors for many years.  the birds will be on display from 11.00am and our experts will stage an interactive and entertaining flying show at 12.30pm and 3.30pm.

Panic Circus Days - Professor Panic and his circus come to Pembroke Castle to provide a unique hands on circus workshop.  There will be something to learn for all ages from juggling, plate spinning, stilt walking and riding a unicycle (hopefully not all at the same time!)  

Merrymakers Knight School

This was our biggest hit in 2014.  For children aged 4-12.  Learn new skills and knightly techniques with our band of Merrymakers Knight Trainers led by the famous Sir Benfro of Pembroke Castle.  Dress up as a Knight or Knightess, march in the procession, learn how to use a sword, swear allegiance and storm the castle.  If you succeed you will be knighted and given a souvenir cerfificate.  All activities are supervised but parents or guardians must be present at all times.  Sessions run throughout the day lasting approx 40 minutes.  

Merrymakers Perform Keepers of The Castle

This is an unmissable, energetic and hilarious romp through the castles history performed by the now infamous Merrymakers.  There are two parts to Keepers of the Castle, taking you from 1090 to the Tudors, and then from the Tudors to last Tuesday.  Don't forget to join in our castle game, Siege! at half time, where you get to build a castle to protect the princess, and then destroy your opponents' castle!  Check the events calendar for performance times.

Check the events calendar to see what's happening and when.

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