Gift Aid

Gift Aid Explained

As an independent charity Pembroke Castle Trust relies on support from people like you to help, maintain and run the Castle for the enjoyment of our visitors.

If you are a UK taxpayer, Pembroke Castle Trust can claim tax back from the Government when you pay the Gift Aid admission price.  This includes a voluntary donation that is at least 10% more than the standard admission price.  If you are not a UK taxpayer, the additional donations are extremely useful to us anyway.

Pembroke Castle Trust is a registered charity no 257729

Pembroke Castle Trust is asking for Gift-Aided Admissions, what are these?

The rules governing Gift Aid on admissions to charitable attractions like us have changed since April 2006. The government has new rules which state we are only able to claim Gift Aid on daily admission tickets if visitors donate at least 10% more than the standard admission fee.

What is Gift Aid?

It is an Inland Revenue scheme which allows charities to reclaim the basic rate tax you have paid as a UK taxpayer – an extra 28p for every £1 of the total paid. It makes a massive difference to charities like ours.

Why should I make a donation?

Pembroke Castle Trust is a registered charity whose primary task is to maintain and run Pembroke Castle for the enjoyment of our visitors and to safeguard this historic site for future generations. Donations will help us in our future work, and if you are a UK tax payer, will also enable us to claim Gift Aid from the government. Your donation of just 50p on the adult admission rate, enables us as a charity to claim an additional £1.40 from the Inland Revenue in terms of Gift Aid.

Who is eligible for Gift Aid?

Everybody is welcome to make a donation to Pembroke Castle, but only UK taxpayers can fill in a Gift Aid declaration when they do so. The completion of a Gift Aid form will not affect your personal Tax situation and if you are a higher rate tax payer you can even claim tax relief. We really appreciate your support and under no circumstances will this data be used for marketing purposes.