Living History (World War II Weekend)

You'll have a barrel of fun!

19th August - 20th August

Living History (World War II Weekend)

Talk to British troops, from re-enactment group the Welsh Tommies, see what they wore, fought with and carried in their packs, and join us for a firing display!  Don't forget to ask them lots of questions!

There will also be more hands-on activities for our visitors.  Why not join the American troops from re-enactment group Falcon History, and try your hand at our World War II Assault Course for ages 5 and up?  There will be a climbing gate, 'barb wire' crawl, balance beams, 'grenade throw', mine marking and bayonet range.

Please note that Morse Code will no longer be going ahead.

This event is included in castle admission, and does not need to be booked.


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