Siege of Pembroke 370th Anniversary Flower Festival

7th June - 10th June

Siege of Pembroke 370th Anniversary Flower Festival

From Thursday 7th - Sunday 10th June 2018, Pembroke Castle will commemorate the 370th anniversary of the Siege of Pembroke with a Flower Festival.

The close of the first stage of the Civil War had seen a Parliamentary victory and the arrest of King Charles I, but shortly afterwards, Pembroke's Parliamentary troops, instead declared for the King.  Oliver Cromwell arrived in Pembroke in 1648 with six thousand men to deal with the situation, resulting in the Siege of Pembroke, and sparking a new rebellion which would soon spead throughout Britain, the Second Civil War.

The castle will be decorated with floral displays charting the history of the castle, featuring tributes to the Siege, as well as Pembroke's Earls, including William Marshal, the Greatest Knight; and Henry VII, who was born in the castle in 1457.

This event is included in the admission price.  Please contact us on 01646 681510 for group bookings and party rates.

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